Important Note for Children Nutrition Park: Due to maintenance, the Toy Train, Game Zone, Mirror Maze, Nutrihunt, and VR Area are temporarily closed | However, Stations 1, 2, 3, and 4 will remain open and accessible via the walking path | Sorry for the inconvenience | Statue of Unity will remain closed on Monday. | Statue of Unity Campus Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM | Participate in Narmada Maha Aarti at 7:00 PM everyday in utmost pious and serene atmosphere at Narmada Ghat near SOU. | Projection Mapping Show at 7:45 PM Sharp | Statue of Unity to remain open on 5 Mondays in 2024, including Dhuleti (25 March), Eid al-Adha (17 June), Raksha Bandhan (19 August), Janmashtami (26 August), and Eid (16 September)

9 Tips for Planning a 1-Day Trip to the Statue of Unity

Jul 22, 2020 | Tourism

  1. Visit Timings & Duration:
    Entry for the Statue of Unity is open from 8 am to 6 pm every Tuesday to Sunday. The monument is closed on Mondays. On average you can spend around 1.5 hours at the Statue of Unity, not counting visits to other nearby attractions.It’s suggested to visit the Valley of Flowers, Sardar Sarovar Dam and other places to visit near Statue of Unity during daylight hours, keeping your visit to the Statue and Museum closer to sunset. (see Statue of Unity map below)
    We also suggested visiting the Statue of Unity trip between Tuesdays and Fridays and avoid weekends.
  2. Get there Early on more Crowded Days:
    If You’re on a Basic Entry Ticket. Not as much as issue for Express Entry tickets.If you’re visiting the Statue of Unity with a Basic Entry Ticket, the elevator wait time to the observation deck can be an issue, especially on more crowded days. Get to the Statue of Unity as early as possible, with 3 pm being the latest is advisable.
    If you’re on an Express Entry Ticket however, you may find visiting 3 pm onwards better, as it gives you ample time to explore the monument and nearby attractions in time for the laser show at 7 pm.
  3. Don’t Carry Food:
    Food items are no longer allowed beyond the entry point.They don’t always check, but they can. So we suggest having a good meal before visiting. There is a food court and other fast food options available at the monument, but they have mixed reviews.
    Water bottles are available for puchase at multiple locations within the monument.
  4. There are Four Types of Tickets: (Statue of Unity Cost)
    Which one is right for you?There is the Basic Entry Ticket for ₹150 for adults and ₹90 for children between 3-15 years, which includes access to the Museum, Gallery, Sound and Light show, Valley of Flowers, Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoints and Bus Service.
    Next there is the Viewing Gallery Ticket for ₹380 for adults and ₹230 for children, which includes all the ‘Basic Entry Ticket’ benefits as well access to the Statue of Unity Viewing Gallery located 500 feet above ground, offering a panoramic view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, its 256 km long reservoir, with the beautiful Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges on both sides.
    Next is the Express Entry Ticket for ₹1030 for adults and children, which offers all the ‘Viewing Gallery Ticket’ benefits, with priority / no wait time access to the Viewing Galley, a wait which can anywhere from a few minutes to hours depending on the rush.
    Last is the Foreigner Express Entry Ticket for ₹1530 for adults and ₹830 for childen. This ticket is only for non-Indian guests from abroad, and includes all the benefits of the ‘Express Entry Ticket’.
  5. Book Online & Keep a Soft or Hard Copy of the Ticket Handy:
    It’s easiest to Statue of Unity tickets booking online and avoid ques at the monument.But do keep a soft or hard copy of your ticket handy as you may be asked for it at different points within the monument, especially when going up the view point elevators. Also if booking online, tickets may need to be booked 24 hours in advance of your visit.
  6. Getting Around at the Monument:
    Travellators & elevators are now installed within the vicinity and wheelchairs are available on request. Travellators and elevators are now installed within the vicinity, so there is less walking involved. Wheelchairs are also available on request, but have limited availability.There are hop-on AC busses available to and from nearby attractions. However the only other air conditioned permise for visitors within the monument is the Museum. There is no AC so far in the top observation deck. There is also free WiFi available for all Statue of Unity ticket holders, offering 34 MB of free data and more purchaseable on demand.
  7. Your Ticket Includes:
    Museum, Sound and Light show, Museum, Valley of Flowers, Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoints and More. All Statue of Unity Tickets include access to a Sound and Light / Laser show which happens near sunset around 7 pm.Entry to a highly informative museum which houses over 2,000 photographs from the life and time of Sardar Patel, access to the Valley of Flowers, Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoints and Bus Service between these areas.
    We suggested not to miss either, and to view the Sound and Light Show from a medium distance, not standing too close to the Statue.
  8. Helicopter, Boat & Safari Rides:
    There are a lot of additional places to visit and things to do near Statue of Unity.You can get an aerial view of the Statue of Unity with a 10-minute helicopter ride, tickets available on location for Rs. 2,900 per person, with the helicopter carrying 5-7 people at a time. The helicopter ride is available from 9:30 am to 1 hour before sunset on all days expect Mondays.
    Also available on location is a 1 hour boat ride in the Narmada river for Rs. 290 per person, a Jungle Safari for Rs. 200 for adults and Rs. 135 for children, Riverfront Cycling, Children’s Nutrition Park, Waterfalls, River Rafting and more!
  9. If You’re Driving Your Car to Statue of Unity:
    You may be able to get self driving access within the Sardar Sarovar Dam site vicinity.(BONUS ) (Not Confirmed) If you’re driving your car to Sardar Patel’s Statue, you may be able to get self driving access within the Sardar Sarovar Dam site vicinity. This is available by registering your vehicle for a small fee at the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam office located in Gandhinagar. We’ve however not personally tried this facility yet.

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