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Enjoy Natural Environment at Ecotourism Sectors Near the Statue of Unity

Mar 25, 2021 | Tourism

One of the best things about the recently built Statue of Unity is the serene location it is situated at. 200kms away from the main city and around rich flora and fauna, its located near the Narmada river. Tourists can have a great memorable experience with loads of attractions near the Statue of Unity. There are things you can do as a part of the group with friends and family or even as a solo adventure.

Ecotourism Sectors Near The Statue of Unity

Most people visiting the Statue of Unity plan to visit the natural environment and ecotourism sector attractions near it. There are 2 ecotourism places to visit near the Statue of Unity: the Khalvani ecotourism sector and the Zarvani ecotourism sector.

1. Khalvani Eco-Tourism Sector

Khalvani ecotourism is located near the dyke-4 perennial stream of the Narmada river. The place is surrounded by tiny hills, and the birds chirping around make it ecological heaven. Here are some activities you can do here.

Khalvani Eco-Tourism Sector

  • Bird-watching: Bird-watching at the Khalvani Eco-Tourism sector is one of the highlights of the area.
  • Tree-houses: You can also live there in tree houses and tents with your family.
  • Campfire and more: There are also various facilities like a children’s play area, campfire zone, nursery, amphitheatre, nature education, etc. This makes it an ideal place for campers and hikers.
  • Forest trail: Tourists can also have a breathtaking tree walk in a lush green forest trail. There are plenty of different species of flora for botany enthusiasts and curious visitors.
  • Cycling tour: You can also have an amazing cycling tour in the Khalvani Eco-Tourism sector. The ride is 14km long with a duration of 3 hours.
  • Meeting butterflies: If you like butterflies, you’ll love this place. There are more than 100 different species of butterflies you can check out.
  • Cultural exploration: You can further explore the cultural heritage of tribes and have tribal tea and juices from various local fruits.
  • Seed-ball making: You can train in seed-ball making and conduct nature education camps as well.

2. Zarvani Eco-Tourism Sector

Zarvani is a small village situated near the Narmada river. It’s also a part of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which has been declared as an ecotourism site. Zarvani is located amidst the Satpura mountain range, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Gujarat. It’s a place with the best scenic views and a completely natural aura around it.

Zarvani Eco-Tourism Sector

Zarvani Eco-Tourism Sector is one of the finest attractions near the Statue of Unity. Some of the great things about Zarvani EcoTourism are:

  • Flora and fauna: There are many species of flora and fauna surrounding the area. You can find animals and birds that live in their natural habitat.
  • Wild trekking: There is also a great opportunity for trekking in the wild to revitalise yourself mentally and physically.
  • Healing experience: Tourists can also relax and rejuvenate at the spa for a natural healing experience. You can experience a Herbal Steam Bath, Rasayan Chikitsa, Spinal Bath and Therapeutic Massages.
  • Excursions and adventure: Tourists can further experience bird-watching excursions and Adventure Park.

If you’re drawn to nature and love being close to our environment, you should definitely check out these tourist places near the Statue of Unity. You can visit Sardar Sarovar Dam, Narmada River, Panchmuli Lake and other fun places. There are other attractions near the Statue of Unity, as well. You can experience an adventurous, fun and memorable visit here that you’ll never forget. To avoid the hassle, you can just choose online booking for tent city and enjoy without any worries.

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