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Precautions to take Before you Start the Statue of Unity Tour

Oct 13, 2020 | Tourism

We feel pride and honor while seeing the tallest man-made structure on earth, the Statue of Unity. It is dedicated to the great figure of the Indian independence movement, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, symbolizing the unity and integrity of India.

Significance of the Statue of Unity

As mentioned earlier, it is the tallest statue on earth, standing 597 ft tall, and reflecting the glorious endeavor of Indian independence. It surpasses the height of China’s spring temple Buddha by almost 100 ft which used to be the tallest statue.

The statue of unity is situated in Gujarat, on the River Island of Sadhu Bet close to Rajpipla. The respected Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi inaugurated the statue on 31st of October, 2018, commemorating Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’s 143rd birth anniversary.

It took 18,500 tonnes of reinforcement steel, 70,000 tonnes of cement, 1,700 metric tonnes of bronze, and 6,000 tonnes of structural steel to make this outstanding structure of the first home minister of independent India. There is an artificial lake, stretched around 12 square kilometers that surrounds the statue.

Getting the ideal view

The Statue of Unity is considered the most attractive tourist place in India, offering an excellent view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, Narmada River, and the hilly ranges of Vindhyachal and Satpura from its observation deck.

High-speed elevators are there for taking the visitors at the height of 442.9 ft. The viewing chamber is capable of accommodating 200 individuals at a given time. There is also a selfie point for selfie lovers. Do not forget to take pictures so you can relish these memories in the future and feel happy.

How to reach?

The statue is 100 kilometers distant from Vadodara, 200 kilometers distant from Ahmedabad, and around 420 kilometers away from Mumbai. If someone prefers a road trip, he or she can drive through state highway 11 and 63.

Kevadia in the district of Narmada is the nearest town, only 3.5 kilometers distant from the statue. All the major cities of India are well connected to Gujarat through air, road, and rail, so you can easily find a suitable option for you.

Precautions are important during the Covid-19 situation

When you are in a public place like the Statue of Unity where people are expected to gather and experience the tallest statue of a great Indian leader ‘Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’, you need to consider certain precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. You have to stay aware of the possible risks, taking essential measures to ensure a safe tour.

Maintain your hand hygiene

Take at least 20 seconds for washing your hands using soap and water. When you are visiting the Statue of Unity, you are in a public place, make sure not to touch your mouth, nose, and eyes with your unwashed hands. It will be better to carry hand sanitizers that contain a minimum of 60% alcohol which will be readily available whenever you need.

Physical distancing is a must

Do not get too close to other people, especially those who are unwell. Remember, physical distancing is the most significant factor here that can effectively help stop the spreading of the virus. Try to keep at least 6 feet distance from others when you are in a public place.

Wear a mask

Use a mask that is medically approved for covering your nose and mouth when you are around other people. The mask will protect the people around you as well if you are an infected person, so it is mutually beneficial for everyone. It is not a good idea to place a mask on a toddler under age 2 or someone with breathing complications.


If you are planning to visit the world’s tallest statue which is situated in Gujarat during this coronavirus pandemic, you must take some precautions for you and your family. Follow the guideline given by the government and stay healthy.

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Important Instructions for Statue of Unity Visitors

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Overview Experience pride and honor while observing the enormous structure on the planet, the Statue of Unity. It is devoted to the outstanding monument of the Indian independent person, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, signifying the unity and honesty of India. When you are...

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