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Newly Opened Tent City in Gujarat: (Dhordo, Dwarka, Mandvi)

Mar 16, 2024 | Hotel & Resort


Deserts are one of the extraordinary places to spend a chilly winter in India. A brand new tent city has just opened in the incredible state of Gujarat. Dhordo, Dwarka, and Mandvi are new tent cities in Gujarat to accommodate visitors who are going on vacation.

Gujarat is A Tourist Destination.
Tourism in Gujarat is promising for architectural lovers or cultural heritage fans as the state offers a chance to explore a diversity of fascinating and distinctive architecture.

The Three Famous Tent Cities: Dhordo, Dwarka and Mandvi
Gujarat is known for its cultural origin and vibrant traditions. Recently, the state has earned vogue for developing three unique tent cities. These three newly built tent cities in Gujarat offer an extraordinary experience for visitors.

Rann Utsav Tent City – Dhordo: The Cultural Oasis:

Rann Utsav Tent City

Delve into the tremendous world of Dhordo, a hidden gem cradled amidst the mesmerizing Rann of Kutch. With its proximity to the Rann, Dhordo offers a unique prospect to explore and experience the essence of the Kutchi culture.

Describe The Location And Setting of Dhordo.
Dhordo is 30 Km away from the city of Bhuj, in the heart of Kutch. Dhordo is situated on the coast of the Rann of Kutch, an ample salt marsh province. This amazing tent city offers a picturesque stance of the sunset and sunrise, encircled by white dunes.

Explore the Cultural Knowledge Proposed, Such As Local Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts.
Dhordo is a vibrant and bustling community that glorifies Kutch’s thriving cultural inheritance. The locals here maintain and showcase their traditions, customs, and art forms.

Highlight The Proximity To The Rann of Kutch And The Opportunity for Unique Excursions.
The Rann of Kutch, a wide salt marshland, is an iconic attraction in Gujarat. The comprehensive salt land delivers a span of exciting activities, including:

  • Rann Utsav: The vibrant festival that glorifies Kutch’s cultural ancestry. It is an amazing chance to glimpse traditional dance performances, taste local delicacies, and shop for traditional arts and crafts.
  • Salt Farming: visitors can witness the formal salt farming process.
  • Wildlife Safari: wildlife safari spot various species of birds, mammals, and reptiles that call the Rann home.

Mention Accommodation Facilities And Amenities Available in The Tent City.
Dhordo proposes a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. Different tented accommodations are open for visitors to relish, relieve tension, and experience.

The Best Way To Get There – DhordoTent City (Rann Utsav)

  • By Air: The nearest airport is in Bhuj, which is around 80 km away.
  • By Rail: Bhuj Railway Station is 80 km from Dhordo.
  • By Road: The journey by road is convenient from Bhuj and Ahmedabad.

The Reef – Dwarka: The Serene Holy Place

The Reef - Dwarka

It is located in Gujarat and holds immense cultural and religious significance. It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Dwarka is a serene and holy place, attracting pilgrims and visitors from around the globe.

There is a Spiritual Ambience And Attractions Like Dwarkadhish Temple.
Dwarkadheesh Temple is a major attraction for visitors. The temple’s architecture is elegantly constructed in the Chalukya style using high-quality limestone. The temple has two main entrances. The main entrance gate is called “Moksha Dwar”, whereas the south entrance is called “Swarga Dwar”. Temple remains open from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

The Setting of The Tent City is A Peaceful Retreat.
Dwarka delivers a tremendous and memorable camping experience that merges the happiness of outdoor living with modern amenities. At Tent City Dwarka, adventure and exploration are integral aspects of enjoyment.

Dwarka The Reef – The Best Way To Get There

  • By Air: The Nearest airport is Jamnagar, which is around 137 km away.
  • By Rail: Dwarka railway station is well connected to all the major cities.
  • By Road: Private and state-run buses are available from all major cities

White Sands Bay – Mandvi Beach Tent City:

White Sands by Bay - Mandvi

At Mandvi in Kutch district, Tent City was inaugurated. As with the white desert of Kutch, this White Sand Bay beach is intended to draw tourists from around the world to its white desert attractions.

Describe Attractions Such As Mandvi Beach and Vijay Vilas Palace.

  • Mandvi Beach: Mandvi Beach is a perfect weekend destination place for visitors. It is a clean and pristine beach in Gujarat. There are 2 nearby beaches: Windmill Beach has more crowds with beachside stalls, camel rides and a few adventure activities. Kashi Vishwanath Beach is the quieter and more tranquil one.
  • Vijay Vilas Palace: Vijay Vilas Palace is the most popular tourist place in Mandvi. It is a stunning part of architecture that provides a stunning view from the top.

Discuss Recreational Activities Available, Like Water Sports And Beachside Relaxation.
Mandvi, a coastal town in Gujarat, is famous for its clean beaches and sparkling waters. There are two activities that visitors can enjoy: Water sports lovers have a thrilling time at Mandvi. Also, visitors can set aside some time for beachside relaxation. Soak up the sun, take a stroll on the sand, or enjoy.

Emphasize The Unique Experience of Staying in Tents Amidst Coastal Beauty.
At Mandvi, visitors can explore the nearby beach, snorkel, or relax on the sand. If a guest is looking for an incredible and unique getaway, Mandvi is a perfect choice. The coastal beauty of the beach is a good choice for those seeking adventure as well as relaxation.

Mandvi – The Best Way To Get There

  • By Air: Bhuj is the nearest airport to get Mandvi through the airway. It is 64 km from Mandvi.
  • By Rail: The closest station to Mandvi is Okha, which is about 49 Km. Away.
  • By Road: People can hire taxis and private cars to take you to Mandvi from Bhuj.


The state of Gujarat is an ideal tourist junction. The newly opened tent cities in Gujarat, namely Dwarka, Dhordo, and Mandvi, offer an exceptional accommodation experience. The tents are comfortable, well-equipped, and surrounded by natural beauty. Stay in these newly opened tent cities in Gujarat and also visit the Statue of Unity Tent City for a decent natural experience.

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